Members’ sessions over the holiday

  • The last Friday 10m session is the 18th, resuming on 8 Jan.
  • Mon 10m/20yd daytime sessions will be weekly until 4 Jan.  
  • In addition, there will be Wed daytime sessions from 23 Dec – 6 Jan.
  • Mon 25yd Prone Rifle and Wed 20yd (&10m) evenings will continue as normal. 

See the calendar below and put any requests in Comments

Have a good, but careful XMAS.


November Covid Rule Changes


Following the Gov’t announcements and the NSRA’s guidance rules on the 2nd Nov, we are closing the Club from 5 Nov to at least the 2nd of Dec.  

Thanks you to all volunteers for preparing and operating the Club in September and October and hope we can return in a safer environment in the near future. 

COVID restrictions 10 Sep.

These will have no effect on our sessions, because we comply with current regulations and NSRA Guidelines.

Hope to see you.



SUBS 2020

Members, subs for the remainder of 20/21 are now due and required of you want to shoot after 1st Sept.  

To be paid by 30th Sept.

Adult  £50

Junior £30

Shooting Sessions & Events

Currently, all sessions are for members only and run under Gov’t guidelines.

Pre-booking is required and will be available 3 days before the session.

No Events

Football has resumed with restricted access on some Tues, Sats, and Suns.  Please check as below.  

NB: FA regulations mean that for certain level matches, the access road in front of the stand and gates to it will be closed 45min before and 15min after the match. 

See list of Resrtricted Access matches here, in the clubroom, or look for “First Team” matches on the SCTFC calendar.

Inductions are held at weekends, on-demand, i.e. when we have enough people to make it viable. 

For our weekly programme and timetable please click here.







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