About us

We are a smallbore shooting club affiliated to the NSRA and we shoot at ranges from 10m to 25 yd using airguns and 0.22 rim fire cartridge equipment.  Regular shooting takes place every weekday evening to cover the different shooting disciplines.

We welcome members regardless of their skill level, gender, or ability.  However we have legal requirement to check the identities of members and that they are not excluded from handling equipment and ammunition.[1]

The Club has all of the necessary equipment for you to start shooting, so there’s no need to go out and buy it beforehand.  In fact it’s best to try-before-you-buy.  Instruction and guidance are provided by qualified instructors, range officers, or competent members.  We have NSRA-qualified instructors and coaches who operate by prior arrangement.

We encourage everyone to compete, either in club competitions, local or national “postal” competitions, or  ‘open’ competitions at other venues.  There are levels for all abilities.  Some members prefer “recreational” shooting, which is OK too.

Most competitions shot at the range are postal or internal; you shoot, and scores or targets are sent to a scorer who matches you against another individual or team.  These usually operate in the winter and summer seasons.

In club competitions, members shoot against each other.  These include the club ladder and ‘field’ days.  We also arrange outdoor shooting events so that members can try other aspects of the sport at different ranges (e.g. 50m and 100yd 0.22 rimfire shooting).  We have Christmas shoots in each section/discipline, using ‘fun’ targets to ease us into the Christmas Spirit.

Apart from shooting well, a high point of the year is the Annual Dinner and prize giving, usually held at the end of April, when members and their partners get together at a local venue to socialise.

[1] Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968