Membership & Costs


All prospective members must complete an induction session, which are held at weekends, on-demand, and when we have enough people to make it viable.  If you enquire, you will be directed to one of these sessions.  The fee is £5.

At the induction, you must complete a “Section 21” disclaimer to say that you are not barred from handling firearms and ammunition, by virtue of having served a custodial sentence.  The induction covers legal and safety and tells you about the Club and its activities.  It’s followed by a chance to shoot airguns. No one can handle rimfire equipment until they have completed their probationary application.  Anyone under the age of 18 must have their application form countersigned by their parent or guardian stating that they have permission to attend the club.  

To apply for membership, you must complete a form, provide proof of identity, pay the application fee.  Probationary membership begins from when you complete all of these.  After this, all applicants must complete a Probationary Membership Notification (PMN) form, similar to our form, which will be sent to our Police licensing authority, Staffordshire and West Midlands.

After regular attendance for three or six months, your application is considered for approval by the Committee at the next relevant meeting.  The joining fee is deducted from the cost of membership.  


After your induction, you can attend any sessions and pay the range fee and for any ammunition you use.  This covers targets, heating, and lighting.

If you shoot for a club team, there is no entry fee to pay.  Fees are paid for individual competitions.  If you want to shoot in National competitions you have to be a member of the National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA).

Membership is annual and runs from 1 May to 30 Apr.

From 1 May 22

Membership application fee:     £15 (£8jr)

 Fees:    Adult  £120, Junior £70   

Country membership:                 £10.  (3 visits per year)           

(Junior: U18 on 1 May)

Range fee                                       £2

Find out more

  1. Look in Our Shooting
  2. Decide which discipline (type of shooting) might interest you.
  3. Contact us.
  4. We will direct you to the next induction session.  Inductions are held at weekends, on-demand, i.e. when we have enough people to make it viable. 

Please note; we do not run pay-and-shoot sessions.

We recommend you try the sport before buying equipment.